Erik Rueda Design Lab is a multi-disciplinary practice that brings together passionate architects, craftsman, designers, and metallurgists to create architecture, buildings, and personalized pieces tailored to demanding standards of fit and finish.

One of our guiding principles is that we believe strongly in making architecture and design available to everyone. It should not be only for the well-to-do. Thought-out, well designed projects last, they are beautiful, and have the power to influence and effect daily life in such positive ways. They are timeless and personal. Above all, they are functional. This is what we strive for.

All of the furniture and cabinetry we craft is in our shop to exacting specifications from raw materials. Nothing is a "stock" item. Every piece is unique and personalized.

Erik developed his passion for craftsmanship and design as a young man working his way through University. It is this background of detail oriented, hand crafted, experience that manifests itself in all his work.

After pursuing a professional pilot program, with many hours in a cockpit, Erik spent time working for various builders as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker. It is there, working on fine custom homes along the North Shore coast of Massachusetts did he confirm his affinity for Architecture and Design.

Following his full time work, Erik attended Northeastern University's School of Architecture where he graduate with Honors, Magna Cum Laude. He was also a Distinguished Military Graduate, receiving his commission into the United States Army as an Engineer Officer. He is a recipient of the Deans award for the top student in Design for 2010. Erik also studied at the Rome Center for Architecture, Rome, Italy, with a focus on historical analysis and symbiosis of the old and new.

Amanda's approach to both architecture and interior design is holistic and highly personal. From the first broad strokes of design intention to accent lighting placement, each project is tailored to the experiences of the client and sensitive to it's surroundings.

Amanda's background began in residential interior design, from which she transitioned to architecture, receiving her degree from Northeastern University with a minor in Environmental Studies. She has past experience in both large and small architectural practices and has LEED accreditation as a Green Associate. Her interests lie in creating architecture that is both sensitive to it's surroundings as well as it's inhabitants, and maintaining that standard of care regardless of the size or scale of a project.

Matthew brings to the practice a wealth of materials experience and applied engineering. In metal fabrication and its application to architecture and furniture, his material science background allows us to create highly customized pieces with unique finishes and implementations.

Coming from the woods of New Hampshire, Matthew worked with his hands for years - logging, building, and crafting. Matthew studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT and rounded out his academic portfolio with a Masters in material science from MIT. He has worked in the oil fields of Alaska as a field engineer and has been part of research groups at MIT.